Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Cuties

A couple days ago the girls dressed themselves and they looked SO CUTE, so I did their hair and got the baby dressed and took them out for some pictures. Funny thing is that my kids dress themselves cuter than I dress them a lot of the time, haha. ;) My girls are very girly - I love it! :) These pictures SO did NOT go how I thought it would in my head, but my favorite picture is the one of all 3 of them together - I got that, so I'm a happy camper! I got a few other fun/cute ones, as well. Photographing your own kids is almost impossible - as I'm sure many of you know. :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Baby's Newborn Pics (and some of my girls)

Kyler Ashby Kasperson was born on March 17, 2011. He was 9 lbs. 6 oz. and 21 inches long. We all love him to pieces and feel so blessed to have him in our home. Here are some newborn pics of him and some pics of my daughters, too.